Save up to $150,000 on your new Jeanneau!

Jeanneau have a limited number of yachts available as a special “Just in Time” offer*!

Be quick…

Sun Odyssey 349 – Standard keel 2-cabin grey cedar interior with in-mast furling mainsail. $18,000 discount.

Sun Odyssey 519 – Standard keel 3-cabin 2 head oak interior with in-mast furling mainsail $70,000 discount.

Jeanneau 51 – Standard keel 3-cabin 2-head oak interior with standard in-mast furling mainsail, upgraded 110hp shaft drive Yanmar, Terrace Pack, electric primaries, retractable davits, gen-set and air-conditioning. $55,000 discount.

Jeanneau 54 – Standard keel 3-cabin 3-head oak interior with standard in-mast furling mainsail, Terrace Pack, electric primaries, retractable dinghy davits, gen-set & air-conditioning. $95,000 discount.

Jeanneau 58 – Standard keel 3-cabin 3-head + skippers cabin with standard in-mast furling mainsail, bow-thruster & retractable stern-thruster, gen-set & air-conditioning. $150,000 discount.

Contact us NOW to take advantage of this limited offer as these yachts will be sold quickly!

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